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Building a new community is like weaving a new tapestry: it takes a lot of time, work and effort! So as a new community, we try to gather monthly for good work & play. At least once a month we give our time, resources & hands to local orgs & efforts vying for greater equity, justice & peace here. And each month we also connect to simply hang out: eating well, drinking well & enjoying our company.
Check out our upcoming stuff and tap into what you can!

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Faith is a journey meant to be shared with others & one great way to do that is through small groups!
Throughout the year, we run seasonal groups that give each of us the opportunity to connect & be in dialogue with others as we explore the complexities of life & faith.
Whether deconstructing, reconstructing or completely reimagining your faith, these are the spaces we create to encourage you on your journey!

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Wherever you are, we hope you're surrounded by friends who encourage critical thought, celebrate all the unknown & ask good questions. At CG, this is how we treat our Sunday time. Our sermons are specific to us, include a number of the voices in our midst, and reflect our collective journey alone.
So for you, we hope these serve to start good conversations rather than answer difficult questions.
With that in mind, enjoy!